An outing to look at flowers…

Mom’s 82nd birthday was last week! She enjoyed a variety of activities and one was a trip to the Dallas Arboretum. Lorna came up with the idea for this excellent adventure and I’m glad she did. Mom, Lorna, Bear and I set off on  Wednesday morning, a beautiful north Texas spring day.


Bear was an excellent adventurer. He rode in the stroller and sometimes got to get out and walk…


The grown-ups looked at the flowers and plants, mostly to get ideas about what we might do in our own yards. Wild roses are so pretty, but I don’t have room…


I have a lot more shade in my yard now than I used to and the best idea I got was to plant some ferns, purple oxalis, and some other purple-y shade lovers!


I also have succulents in pots near the pool. I wish I could grow one of these, but there’s just not room…


Here is my succulent space. No room for a century plant, although these guys should get bigger over the summer.


Mom loves her plants. She used to love to work in the yard but she can’t do that so much any more. Happily she is only 4 houses down so I can do some digging for her, along with Hector (her yard man and his crew), and Christopher.

I spent most of last Thursday and Friday in my yard, and then mom’s yard. I should have been working on the manuscript for the next (two) book(s), but I didn’t. I felt some guilt but not enough to go inside :-). I was too busy last year with the color book to work in the yard and I promised myself that this year I would get out and deal with the bare spots. The weather was perfect when I planted and we got some rain on Sunday to water the plants in. My yard is making me smile!


It’s nice now and it’s only going to get better! FYI to those who have not seen pics of my yard before: it’s small and unusual for my neighborhood. Every other house has the typical big yard of grass with bushes at the house. Lucky for us we live in a neighborhood without restrictions. Also, luckily, our neighbors really like our yard.


3 thoughts on “An outing to look at flowers…

  1. I am trying a plant call Plumbago…beautiful blue flowers and it gets to be 6 x 10 feet..of course if I can get it to last more than one season in Las Vegas I will feel lucky…anyway it likes shade…..I have lots of trees on a relatively small lot…so lots of shade


  2. Looking at the picture of your mom with her grandson reminded me so much of my mother! She passed away 25 years ago this month. Thanks for the pictures!


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