Window dressing…

The very last bit of our home remodel happened without me writing much about it. We replaced all of the windows that needed it a couple of months ago. That part was fast. The other part of this job, however, was slower because I wanted the inside window trim changed.

What I have always called a ‘window sill’ is actually called a window stool. My mom’s house in OKC had marble window stools and they were so very nice. I knew that if it was going to happen in our house, it had to be now. I wanted ours to be made from Caesarstone, the same one (Nougat) that we used on our bathroom vanities.

The Caesarstone had to be ordered and it took some time to come in. Before Easter, Rick’s crew took off all of our interior interior window trim…

WindowTrim-1The windows weren’t lovely, but we lived with it until our job could be worked into the Caesarstone crew’s calendar.


A week or so ago David and his crew put in the new window stools. Then Rick’s crew put in the new trim and generally tidied it all up.


Steve and I cannot remember a time when we could look around the house and call it done. We don’t have anything on the list that needs to be fixed. It’s unnatural—but nice! That doesn’t mean that we don’t have a project looming… it’s just that it’s not a project for our house. Oh happy, happy day!


4 thoughts on “Window dressing…

  1. What a great idea, Becky. We also live in the southwest, but our windows have ceramic tile “stools”. Holes were drilled in them for a termite treatment prior to our purchasing the house about 14 years ago. I have stewed over the small holes and how to fix the problem. It would be difficult or hard or match the current tile and I have suggested changing the tile, but I definitely like the Caesarstone option. Thanks for sharing, Penny


  2. They look great! Our windows don’t really have window sills–just trim. Nothing you can set anything on. I would love to have window stools where I could place a plant or other item. The Caesarstone is such a nice idea, so you don’t have to worry about water drips!


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