Taking a ride on the way-back machine…

You know those emails that you sometimes get? The ones with lots of photos that have been forwarded so many times that you have no idea who actually wrote the first email? Every now and then I get a really good one. This was the subject line: a dose of nostalgia. Thank you, Nancy for sending it :-).


I made these, by the dozens! Gotta say that they were lousy potholders but they kept me busy. My mom surely loved that part. Below are my grandmothers good highball glasses. Looks like she wasn’t the only one who had them.



I wonder what happened to my diary? It looked just like this.


I think Mom’s table and chairs were pink. Or red.


I hated this vacuum, with a passion. But my mother loved it.


My first mascara… I don’t miss it one little bit. For those too young to know, you wet the brush and swished it on the dark cake of mascara and then applied to your lashes. What a mess it was!


I miss the feel of this phone in my hand, and the sound of the dial. The noise was good in both directions. Dial enough and it could make your finger hurt.

Now that I think of it, I miss the experience of talking on an old phone. Talking on the phone was more special then than it is now. We didn’t just call for any little thing—and we for sure didn’t call long distance often. I don’t miss that part—I love being able to call anywhere in the country as if I am calling across town.


I have Mom’s watch that is similar to this one. I wish it could be made to work.


I wish I could find these diaper pins now, for Bear who wears cloth diapers now.


Remember this nasty glue? It dried brown and didn’t work. What’s to love?


I was a tomboy and played cowboys and Indians with the neighborhood boys when I was 6 or 7. We all had metal cap guns that these strings of caps fit in. I remember the smell of the burning powder and paper! I suspect that is a toy that cannot be found these days.


Hose, that came in a box, and required a garter belt. I am so thankful that hose are out of fashion.


Remember the roller rink?


I still have my bronzed baby shoes! and several leather baby shoes that didn’t quite make it to the bronzer. I don’t know why I love them, but I do.


How could something be both gross and good at the same time? I actually preferred the cherry Luden’s cough drops, which are still around.


Oh, if only the penmanship the nuns tried to teach me had stuck. I type much better than I write by hand.


Anodized aluminum glasses are pretty but they sweat too much and, as I recall, they have a subtle metallic taste. Even so, they are just too pretty! If I had any, I’d use them.

I tried googling ‘a dose of nostalgia’ and did not find the source for these images but there were some interesting pages. If you want to, use ‘the google‘ and see what you find!

36 thoughts on “Taking a ride on the way-back machine…

  1. we must be of a same age – I remember almost all of these things too and used them – I think we all type better than we write because we spend so much time at key boards now our fingers forget how to write – even though the nuns did try their best. Hated that mascara!


  2. Oh, I remember it all. I wish I had those diaper pins now – but just to keep my keys attached to my purse – or for putting large groups of things together. They were great but I have no idea where they went. I had a lot as my daughter wore cloth diapers until my son came along – and then two in cloth diapers didn’t last long. Went to Pampers which were fairly new. Remember the party line with the old rotary phone? And no one stayed on the phone long. Long distance was for very special occasions and then it was quick. I loved the black cough drops too, but then I’m a black licorice fan. Loved the old “pop” guns and the smell of the gun powder. My sister and I also shot the boys in the neighborhood. My mom had the same vacuum. The mascara was too much work and messy for me – besides the nuns in my high school would have you remove it immediately. My handwriting is still decent – but typing is so much faster. Thanks for the memories! (and the anniversary sale!)


  3. I’m 69 and I remember ALL these things, and we had them all at home. They all brought back good memories of growing up in a family with love. Thanks for sharing!!!
    Martha from Tellico Plains, TN


  4. I still have a couple of the nappy pins. I used the mascara and remember most of the other items although in Australia we didn’t have the cough drops.


  5. Sadly, I remember them all…….How could anything called “mucilage” actually work? But we used it faithfully anyway. I still miss our old, rotary dial phone. Unlike the crappy phones sold today, it always worked. I’m particularly happy that stockings and garter belts are no longer the norm. In fact, I haven’t even worn pantyhose (remember when those first came out?) in years and don’t miss them!


  6. Yep. Every. Single. Thing. Our neighbors had the metal drinking glasses (are they still “glasses” if they are metal?) and I loved them. I vaguely remember the metallic taste, but it went with Orange Crush.


  7. I remember everyone of those. I still have some of those glasses. They are taller and skinnier though and my mom’s watch too.


  8. My mom had that Electrolux vacuum too. And I made those potholders–even sold some to neighbors! Made them at home, on car trips–LOTS & LOTS of potholders! Never liked drinking from the metal glasses. I liked the black cough drops & was also a fan of Black Jack chewing gum! Surely do not miss the hose with girdles especially–going to garter belts was a big improvement, but for years now have avoided wearing any kind of hose including panty!


  9. I have an old tank vac similar to the one in the photo. Still works like a charm. I’m looking forward to your visit to Ft. Wayne next week.


  10. I still have those diaper pins that I used for both of my kids who are in their 40’s, I had a gold Dale Evans cap gun. They were so much fun. We also would use a hammer and lay the caps on the sidewalk and explode them. Guess that is when it was too hot to chase each other around playing cowboys and Indians!


  11. Electrolux! Mom had one! Wonder what I did with the diaper pins? I don’t think I owned a cap gun, but I remember hitting caps with a hammer! Do kids today get to do that? The scent came right back to me! Before rotary phones we had operators and party lines! Wow! That was ages ago!


  12. Just loved this trip down memory lane. I used to buy my grandma stockings for Christmas when I was a little girl. The sales lady would put her hand in the stockings so you could see the color. Gone are the days.


  13. I don’t know how old you are – but I was born in 1948. We had all these things – except our table was yellow! I loved the black Luden’s drop. I think they were licorice. And, I remember the party line – and no long distances calls unless it was really important and quick. Had about an hour conversation yesterday with my cousin – she’s in Minnesota and I’m in New York. And it was free. That was the good part. Thanks for sharing this!


  14. Oh my, what memories! Our table & chairs were pink, too! The aluminum cups, cherry cough drops, cap guns, the woven pot holders, what fun! The bad: garter belts (thank goodness pantyhose were invented shortly after I was allowed to wear nylons); penmanship class *sigh*, cake mascara – eek! It’s a wonder we all didn’t get horrid eye infections. Thanks for this cute walk down memory lane.


  15. I have my mother’s watch. It is similar to yours, a wind up type, Bulova with diamonds. Took it to a jeweler and had it fixed. Cost over 200 but he said it is worth about 1000. I wear it to church.


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