4:00 AM…

I listened to a few TED Talks over the weekend. I really enjoyed this one!

4:00 AM is not a time of day that I want to be awake, but there are those days when I do wake up at 4. Sometimes I wake up with a new thought, or I wake up stewing about something, or I wake up with the realization that something that I thought was going well was, in fact, not. I’m apparently not the only one who has this happen at 4 in the morning.

If you can’t see the video in this post, click here to see Rives‘ Ted Talk.

4 thoughts on “4:00 AM…

  1. I, of course, read your blog for quilt content. Secretly, however, I’m really here for the links to wonderful, thought-provoking, sometimes sad and sometimes hilarious TED talks. Please don’t stop providing us with such delightful mind-fodder (if that shoud be a legitimate phrase). Thank you!


  2. I also started to read your blog for quilt content but now I read it for so much more! This was totally delightful. Thank you!


    • I’m so glad that you all liked this too! I ended up watching it again and loved it even more. I think it’s the thought of letting a whim of an idea take root and blossom that I find so wonderful. It reminds me to be open to chance.


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