I believe in gravity…

Gravity is one of those things that we all know in a common sense sort of way. Objects fall. Heavy objects fall faster. However, according to the laws of physics, objects fall at the same rate if they are in a vacuum. That is really hard to believe which is why this video is so much fun!

British physicist Brian Cox, filming for his new BBC 2 show, Human Universe, he traveled visited the NASA Space Power Facility in Ohio, to drop a bowling ball and feathers in a vacuum chamber. Initially, with air in the chamber, the bowling ball drops like a rock (or bowling ball) and the feathers float, resisting the air. Later, with the air removed, they drop at exactly the same rate. Cool.

It really is true that a feather and a bowling ball will fall at the same rate in a vacuum!

3 thoughts on “I believe in gravity…

  1. Thanks for that video. Very interesting to watch. My husband is a retired theoritcal phycist, the daughters and I have been hearing about dropping heavy and light objects for years. Now I have seen it happen in a vacuum. Saw the gravity demo many times.


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