Put foil in your wallet…

Millions of us now have new credit cards. In fact, I seem to be get one at least every 3 months because somewhere I have used my card has been hacked. It’s gotten to the point that it is no longer unusual. My newest VISA came with the chip and I thought that that was a step in the right direction, security-wise.

I learned something last night from ABC World News tonight and that is that those chips can be hacked by someone with a cellphone loaded with a credit-card-hacking app. The cell phone has to be close, but it happens. You can get a fancy wallet that blocks the cellphone or you can cover your card with foil!


I put a folded sleeve of foil in the pocket with my chip-enhanced credit card. I did the same for Steve. I had foil left over so I made myself a foil-dollar-bill and that will live in my wallet, on the outer edge. Can’t hurt, right?

So, in case you missed this news and in case you want a cheap fix, there you go. You can think of me when you look at the foil in your wallet :-).

6 thoughts on “Put foil in your wallet…

  1. I told my daughter and son-in-law to put their cards in foil before they went to a tree lighting in Leavenworth, WA, but they didn’t and had his debit card hacked while it was in his wallet. Within a very short time period, his debit card was being used in Ireland. Luckily, he was notified by the bank, so a lot of damage wasn’t done.


  2. For years we have known that someone can come along and capture your credit card info.
    Saw one documentary piece where a reporter worked with a man who showed her that he could ‘swipe’ her credit card info simply by walking by with his laptop. With her permission he then transferred that info onto her HOTEL room card and then they headed to a Starbucks and used that ‘enhanced’ hotel card to place an order and pay with it with no difficulty. My husband carries all his credit cards in a metal card holder. These holders can be found easily. Walmart carries them. Our NEXUS cards came in a foil packet and our passports are kept in foil packets as well. Our ViSA has been compromised twice, but that came from the purchase source…. some big store or corporation. New cards were sent in the mail with NO protection. What security??


  3. My credit card company gave me a new card after the Home Depot breach over a month ago. Now I had my new card hacked. They are closing down my account and issuing me a new card and I will need to set up the new account. I am so tired of the hassles. Hmmmm-maybe we were better just using cash. My credit card company recommended putting a security alert/fraud alert on my credit report so folks have to call me if someone tries to use my name, social, etc. Its scary that hackers are now hacking into banks, businesses, etc. and just stealing employee data. All very scary. Sign of the times I guess.


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