Here’s a phrase I hope you never have to google:

How to dry out an iPhone 6?

My phone was in my back pocket. I went to the rest room. The phone left my pocket and landed in the (thankfully) not-yet-icky toilet. My ohshit-o-meter went into high gear!

I have since discovered that toilets and sinks are where iPhones like most to bathe. I very quickly dried the phone. I put it in rice and then started googling where I found out that rice is not as good as it is supposed to be. A blow dryer, fan, air conditioner, and food dehydrator were all suggested. To a lesser extent silica gel, oatmeal, and kitty littler were also mentioned.

I removed the SIM card and it was wet. Water definitely got inside. I have Applecare for this phone and I found out that it doesn’t cover water damage. Note to self: don’t buy Applecare for the next phone.

UPDATE: My Applecare policy does cover 2 hardware incidents, water damage included, for the length of the 2-year plan. Oh happy day! It will cost me $79 to replace the phone, much better than it could be.

It’s possible that ATT’s insurance does cover water damage. I’m going to check that out if I have to get a new phone. UPDATE: Yes, their plan does cover water damage but it’s at least as expensive as Applecare.

We have a food dehydrator that Steve uses to make beef jerky so that’s what I’m using. He also found some Drierite that appears to date from 1990. It looks like blue kitty litter. My phone is currently in the middle of a 24 hour stay in the jerky maker.

UPDATE: The dehydrator appears to have worked! I didn’t give it the full 24+ hours. My phone is now charging, but it’s working. I don’t know if it will hold a charge or what hidden problems it may have but at least it has life. Oh happy, happy day!


Biggest lesson learned? Don’t put the phone in the back pants pocket!

I am surprised at how much I miss having my phone. In fact, I’m awake in the middle of the night stewing over the phone and writing this post! I don’t have a land line anymore—this is both my personal and business phone. Most importantly, this is the phone my mom calls if there is a problem. I honestly can’t go many days without it.

If this phone is toast, I may buy a cheaper phone—but the camera on the iPhone 6 is really good, and I use it often. I think that’s why I’m awake now… I’m trying to figure out what to do if I have to get a new phone. And I can’t know that until I find out if I’ve saved this one, or not. Uncertainty. No one likes it.

17 thoughts on “Oh, my… UPDATED

  1. I’ve almost done the same thing, but thankfully it landed on the floor. I have however put a very old flip phone through the wash, which prompted the purchase of a smart phone, so it really wasnt a bad thing. By the way, the old wet phone dried out, and worked fine, but would not hold a charge for more than 15 minutes. Delay your joy if yours happens to work to see if it actually holds a charge!

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  2. HI Becky, hubbies landed in the pool as he was cleaning when it jumped out of his pocket two times. he put it in the oven for a short while. Hope it helps. He was able to use it after.

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  3. I think many of us have given up our land lines and totally depend on these clever smart phones. I LOVE my camera too! I’m hoping the food dehydrator does the trick… ;0)

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    • You know, I have relatives in OK who put their phones in their bra. I’ve been told that that is not uncommon there. I have never really thought that that was a great idea but I am currently re-thinking it. If you see me with a flat boob, you’ll know I’ve become a convert :-).



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  5. I’ve dumped mine in the tub twice. 24 hours in rice and it works fine a year later. I’ve saved up a pile of sillica packets for next time and switch it to my bra whenever I am in the bathroom (except when I read on it in the tub.)

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  6. Hi Becky, I “store” my iphone in my back pocket as well, very convenient. However, I always take it out of my pocket before I use the bathroom because I figured it could fall out. It works only if you remember to take it out.

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  7. Yep, I am a back pocket till the bathroom and then it goes in my bra. But I am waiting to see if your dry out plan works as a back up plan for the day I forget.😂

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