So what if the parents-to-be live someplace else!

Our friends, Karen and Hunt, are about to be grandparents. Nan, a friend, and I wanted to host a baby shower but the parents-to-be live on the coast and could not come back. What to do?

If you can let go of the idea that the parents-to-be have to be in attendance at the baby shower, you can have a shower for the grandparents who are, after all, your actual friends. And, since we are all grown-ups and kids are nowhere in site, it can be a grown-up party! I decorated with toys. Cars, blocks, etc. were all over the place…


Since the actual baby was not in attendance, and since we thought Karen and Hunt might need some baby-holding practice, we gave them a baby doll to hold during the shower. They had fun with the ‘baby’ and even shared her!


Notice the hats? Hunt made them from tissue paper from the gifts :-).

We didn’t play baby shower games because no one we know likes baby shower games and we didn’t want to inflict them our friends. I did make up some pages for attendees to write parental advice on that were later spiral bound for the parents along with blank pages for them to write on if they want to. Here are some of the pages…


There was food and drink! Did I take photos of it all? No, I did not. I did take a pic of the coconut cupcakes…


All in all, it was a terrific baby shower!

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