My own personal shopper…

My friend, Amanda, had on the cutest top the last time I saw her. She then told me about Stitch Fix (I’ve added a link in the column at right, under Fashion). This is an online personal shopping site. You fill out your info, indicate what sorts of things you like, etc., and eventually you get a box!


The box opens to reveal a box that is thoughtfully printed on the inside, with instructions about what to do next, and your items enclosed in tissue paper. There is also a return envelope, ready to use.


I took a quick peek, and a photo, from the side before tearing the tissue paper…


I told them I like greens and blues. I got greens and blues, but not exactly the shades of green and blue that I normally buy. They couldn’t read my mind-amazing!

I did as instructed and tried on everything. Three of the five items fit well and are very much worth keeping. Lorna was here and chimed in so I feel pretty good about what is staying in my closet…


These are not garments that go together, but I have other garments in my closet that go with all of them. I would never have found these on my own, nor would I have chosen them for myself. How about that! You are never too old to learn more about how to dress yourself :-).

So, if you are shopping challenged, check out Stitch Fix.

7 thoughts on “My own personal shopper…

  1. I’m so glad you liked your first “fix”! My second one should arrive in the next few days. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas 🙂


    • I am, in fact, wearing my new kelly-ish green jacket today, on my way to LA for the Gulf States Quilt Association show. It’s great fun to feel so good in something I would never have chosen for myself. Thank you, again, for pointing me at Stitch Fix!



    • Katie, I am 6’1″, and I’ve had great luck with Stitch Fix so far. The initial questionnaire asks you about your height and if you have long limbs, torso, etc. The stylist appears to be paying attention when she selects my items because I have received shirts with long tails and sleeves and one pair of jeans that fit well. It may be worth a shot!


  2. Can you tell me who put your box together? I just got my first fix last week and I was so excited! Unfortunately they sent me two dresses that were about 4″ above the knees and the other three items were winter/cold weather things such as sweaters. I was really looking for pretty tops like you got….;( I’m thinking that I should ask for a different person…..??


    • I didn’t pay attention. I would suggest going online and looking back at your profile stuff. I’d also be sure to communicate with the stylist(s). You could even say you were disappointed. I suspect they would do better if you clearly state what you didn’t like about what they sent. At least I hope so.



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