About those 10,000 steps…


Did you see the article in the New York Magazine this weekend entitled How Many Steps A Day Should You Walk?

The article in question says pretty much what I always thought: that 10,000 step goal is both arbitrary and not always the most important thing. And guess who they quote saying that very thing? Our youngest son, Jeff, that’s who! You should absolutely read this article all the way down to the 9th paragraph!

I wear a fitbit, and have worn it for over a year now. However, I don’t pay any attention to the number of steps I walk—I’m all about the miles. My goal is 4 miles a day and I often hit it. When I don’t, I that’s OK, but I find it’s nice to have a goal. That said, I know that my 4 miles is an arbitrary number that I chose because it’s attainable, but not easily attainable. I have to exert myself to hit my goal, but not that much :-).

If you don’t have a fitness routine, and if it just seems too hard, you might want to consider something like a fitbit. When you keep tabs on your activity, you see how much you move doing the things you always do, which is nice. And it turns reaching a daily goal almost into a game. That’s what I’ll tell myself tomorrow when I take my morning walk in the airport terminal.


7 thoughts on “About those 10,000 steps…

  1. I had a fitbit since 2011. It sure helps me move. When I sew I may walk less then a mile during the day. I try to walk 5 miles each morning. This does not always happen, but that is OK. As you said, have a plan…


  2. So no wonder those steps aren’t helping me lose weight! … Actually it is addressing all aspects, as your son points out. Have you ever checked your mileage on your fitbit against what what you actually walk? My fitbit consistently shortchanges my mileage. I thought it was strange that my friends I walk with each morning get more miles than I do. I checked while on my treadmill and using Map my Walk outside. I can walk four miles and get credited with 3.25. Since I usually average 14,000 steps during weekdays, I know my mileage is always off.


  3. Great article! And a great photo of Jeff. I am a sloth, but I know if I want to dance at my 6 yr old grandson’s wedding, I have to get my butt in gear.
    Thanks for the info.


  4. I have had a Fitbit for at least 2 years now. I try to get at least 5 miles every day. For me that is around 12,500 steps, since I’m fairly short. At first it was hard, but now it has become very routine for me. I’m often over 6 miles & occasionally over 7. I feel that it has really helped me be more active. When I take a quilting class, I find it hard to get more than a mile, unless I am able to take a long break at lunch. I think that is the reason so many quilters are obese. I’m overweight & find that doing the walking every day helps to keep my weight from getting higher.


  5. While I dont have a fit-bit (YET) I walk with someone 5 mornings a week that does. We get in about 5 miles a day. Followed by an exercise class (in the park) 3 mornings a week. I recently spent a week eating my way across New Orleans (you’d have to look hard to find a bad meal) and I ended up LOSING weight. I walked miles and sweated buckets. I’m 61 and have never felt better. Here’s to keeping moving!


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