What was lost has been found!

Not long after my last post, Steve came in with my old Fitbit…

2015-07-09 15.02.26

It must have fallen out of my pocket and then been driven over, maybe more than once. I’m glad I went ahead and replaced it because this one is toast.

6 thoughts on “What was lost has been found!

    • That’s pretty much what I thought.

      I am happy, though, that it was found. I can picture it falling out of the pocket (that I should have known better than to have put it in) when I pulled out the car keys. Duh. The new wrist-model will be harder (but not impossible) to lose.

      I did order some of these and I suspect that they are good investment.



  1. It does look like somebody played very roughly with it. Glad you went ahead and got a new one. You deserve some great toys !!


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