From Hilo to Kona…

We left the volcano area and drove from Hilo to Kona around the long way. We stopped at Laupahoehoe Point which is scenic and was also the site of a tsunami tragedy in the 1940s. Very few people live there now, but there is a park, some campsites, and an impressive boat launch with what look like giant concrete jacks tossed around it.

beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-4-21 beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-4-27 beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-4-32

I took many photos there but it was so humid, and there was so much water in the air, that they all look out of focus.

We spent a couple of nights at the Royal Kona, which looks a little like a cruise ship.


There are nice views…


We walked around and I spied these treasures left on the seawall…. such a nice composition.IMG_4772

We went to happy hour and enjoyed live music and people watching (and MaiTais). This lady was fun to watch. She looked so staid but really perked up when the parasailers flew by.


On our full day on the Kona side we visited Pu’u Honua O’honaunau, the City of Refuge, an interesting historic site that is next to a fantastic snorkeling spot.


I had fun taking pictures….

beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-Day5-31 beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-Day5-20 beckygoldsmith-BigIsland-Day5-12

Amanda took photos too…



I don’t take pictures under water so you just have to trust me that the fish were amazing.

Today, we left the Big Island and are now on Maui, staying in Lahaina. Back to snorkeling tomorrow. Yay! Life really is very good.


2 thoughts on “From Hilo to Kona…

  1. Your going to Love Lahaina! I was there in 1984 and it was beautiful! Make sure you see either the sunset or sunrise over the mountains! ENJOY!


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