Maui, days 1 and 2…

We landed yesterday in Kahului, Maui, and had some time to kill before checking into the hotel so we visited the Iao Valley and Needle. Let me just say that you can miss this and not feel bad. It is a lovely view but there were too many people and a serious shortage of parking spaces.

IaoValley-1 IaoValley-2

We drove to Paia and had the good fortune to find nice lunch, fabulous gelato, and the Cesere Brothers gallery. We were lucky enough to have time to visit with John who told us about their (marine/nature) photography. It’s really amazing and before too long one of their prints will be hanging in our house!

We are staying in Lahaina which was a whaling town. There are many lovely beaches nearby—today we went to Kahekili Beach Park to snorkel and sit on the beach. The people watching was as good as the fish watching.


We also snorkeled off of the Mala boat ramp. This was a little more challenging. The way in and out of the water was shallow and rocky, with some coral. We had to be careful.


The boats were on the other side of the boat ramp so that wasn’t a problem. Steve almost had a problem…


But then the shark spit him out. [Really, not to worry. No sharks, that we’ve seen. That’s the Snorkel Bob shark that I photoshopped into the the photo. Our mom’s can now stop worrying :-).]

Amanda and I have been snapping lots of photos, sometimes of each other!


Tomorrow we are hiking on Haleakala. It will be a long, but satisfying day. I’ll take pictures to prove it!

6 thoughts on “Maui, days 1 and 2…

  1. Just got back from my annual trip to Maui tonight!. We may have passed at Iao on Sunday if that is when you were there. We were killing time before we went to the airport on Sunday night. Go on up the highway beyond Kapalui to Hanomoa Bay Beach to snorkel. The road narrows down and you will see lots of cars parked. Go early. Best snorkeling. That is where the boats take you, to that area. Don’t miss Fred’s for breakfast in Kihea.


  2. Hi Becky, What fun to be in Hawaii! Lucky you… I wondered – are you “working” at all – I’m not sure if you consider sewing to be working (I’m sure when a project is due it’s more work than anything else, though), as it’s clearly your love and passion, but I wondered – do you “unplug” from it like someone might unplug their cell phone for a week? Or do you work on projects (or plan new ones, based on the visions you’re seeing) while on vacation? You’ve made applique very portable, so my bet is you doddle a bit in the evenings, in the warm breezes … 🙂 Or maybe you take a big break and clear your mind and let your fingers heal… LOL! Aloha!


    • I didn’t even bring a block to sew on. There’s just no time and the light is unreliable. I brought some crochet and haven’t touched it either. I think I’m going to send it home in a box before we head to the next island. I would then have one less thing to pack.



      • I love it! So few people REALLY unplug. I’m glad you are doing it. It really does clear the brain cells. The only REAL vacation I’ve taken ever was 2 1/2 weeks years and years ago … I actually was away long enough and totally unplugged enough to really feel relaxed. Haven’t done it in the 20+ years since but I still remember how good it felt. Send that crochet home!


  3. I am so enjoying your Hawiian oddessy. One of my fav places in the world. I love your work and I love your play, please keep,on keeping on!


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