Tunnels Beach, north shore of Kauai…

We chilled today, at Tunnels beach. All of us are feeling the tug of work that is piling up at home but we are on vacation, dammit! Enough with the tugging!

My current photo challenge assignment is ‘silhouette’. I woke up as dawn was breaking and everyone else was in bed and took several photos. This is the best one and it’s not really doing it for me. Too much color, too much light. But I do like the image.


I also realized that we an see the mountains that surround Hanalei Bay from close to our back door. I took several photos as the sun came up…





At Tunnels Beach we mostly sat. Keith snorkeled. Amanda and I swam once. The water was murkier than we are used to and this is an area where there have been shark attacks. We got over loving being in the water in short order and went back to our shady spot and read. There was not that much going on in front of us, either. Most folks went down the beach.

beckygoldsmith-Kauai-Day3-14 beckygoldsmith-Kauai-Day3-22

I found puka shells which are shells with a naturally occurring hole (I learned that today on google). I am old enough to think of surfer dudes in puka shell necklaces when I hear about ‘pukas’.

I always look for round shells with holes and was amazed to find 20-40 of them today. Mine are now soaking in water to get the sand out. Not all are perfect—in fact most are not. But I promise to share a photo in another post. Tonight I have my camera already in the bag.

I don’t know exactly how I will string them, but I am excited and happy and not going to work on quilt class supply lists tonight. I’m going to read my book and maybe start the next one in the series because, dammit, I’M ON VACATION!!!!!

FYI: The Informationist is a dandy beach/summer read. As is The Martian. They start fast and move along. No deep thinking. I’m enjoying shallow thoughts :-).


3 thoughts on “Tunnels Beach, north shore of Kauai…

  1. I love the palm tree photo even if it doesn’t meet your “silhouette” requirement. Will there be enough moonlight to capture it then? I can see it in my mind….;)

    Stay in the moment; you are not working. Easier said than done, I know.
    Thanks for taking us along with you.


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