Piece O’ NYC: Work and School and a Park

I’m getting my Masters Degree from the institution where I work. It’s often an interesting ‘balance’ — and thank goodness for tuition remission! Funding for Masters Degrees is generally non-existent, and funding for graduate degrees in general seem to be disappearing over time. Isn’t that dreadful?

That said, I believe in Higher Education and its value. I’m a full-fledged Higher Education Advocate and I know there’s a fit for every student out there. You want to talk about going to college, I’m your girl. You want to talk about how it’s life changing, hit me up. You want to talk about the pains of college too, yep I totally understand and have a bazillion resources I could share. I didn’t want this professional path in the beginning, but becoming a Professional Unicorn Cat Princess wasn’t available as a job (nor would it bring home the money). So I fell into Higher Education and am now pursuing it … at least until I win the lottery and then attempt to buy College Board.

Classes start in a couple of weeks, and as the summer has slowly come to it’s close I realize that I generally look forward to the start of school every year. The flow of the academic calendar isn’t meant for everyone, but I love it. Fall is short and sweet. Spring is dreadfully long but then transitions into brightness. There are huge bouts of stress and tension around mid-terms and finals, and then comes the airiness right after grades are due. What a love story.

FullSizeRender 2FullSizeRender 4Getting to campus itself every morning doesn’t take me long (I know a lot of people who come in from NJ or Upstate, or other states…), and it includes one of the greatest things I can give myself: a walk through Washington Square Park on my way in. A lot of people do this to get to their offices around here, and some might even think it’s a ridiculously simple thing to mention, but it’s become a powerful tradition and daily habit of mine. Who knew a walk through a park right before hitting the office could be a serious preemptive to a good or bad day? This city has a lot of fun things to offer, and I hope I highlighted enough for you, but it’s very hectic too. I’ll take 10 walks in the park if I could to remain sane… Do you have any soothing things to to help you clear your thoughts right before the day starts? When I was in high school, my mom and I would get up early and watch Pokeman or reruns of Charmed right before we departed for our days. It became a thing that we kept looking for each morning, and it was pretty neat too ;p.

FullSizeRenderAnd…this is where we’ll part. I wish you all a beautiful Fall and thanks for reading my posts about this city, my life, and nothing related to quilts ;p.

11 thoughts on “Piece O’ NYC: Work and School and a Park

  1. Celia ~ Because I am a quilter I started reading your MIL’s unique blog quite awhile ago! I do so enjoy Becky’s blog because she includes so much more than quilting! But this old lady(me) that was born & lives in So CA likes when you appear & post on Becky’s blog, also. I really enjoyed your pictures & post of today re: your work & school & a park. Through your beautiful pictures I felt like I was walking in NYC with you. Thank you so much for sharing and have a great year at school!


  2. I hope you can pop in now and again to post. Your photographs were great and it was fun to follow along with the girl’s camp adventures, too. I always feel like the year begins the day after Labor Day even though school now starts in August. The air is crisp and fresh and just perfect for a new beginning. Success to you this new year!


  3. I enjoyed reading about NYC and your pictures were wonderful. Have a good year with your studies and come back now and then. Was great “meeting” you.


  4. Your posts will be missed! But I totally understand the time commitment of full-time work and part-time school. Did it myself for many years. I wish I still had the energy I had then! Haha… Have a wonderful school year and sneak in a post or two… esp. around the holidays. We know how you feel about Christmas!!! Thanks so much for sharing…


  5. Thanks for sharing your great pictures. Hope you enjoy your studies. Take care and let us know how you’re getting along once in a while.


  6. Thank you for your New York posts. I’ve never been to New York but have always wanted to visit. Now I really want to go and see it all.


  7. Let me add that I, too, have really enjoyed your posts! Even though we’ve visited you and Jeff in NYC, it’s so nice to get a closer look, through your eyes. I will join the chorus who say that any time you can post, we’ll be happy to read them!
    XOXO, your MIL


  8. You been taking me all those places I saw them, still I enjoyed very much those pictures you post . Do you think that we might missed few place? .
    I am so proud of you and Jeff. love you so much.


  9. The best thing in the world getting to walk through a park on your way to work and the perfect way to slow down on your way home. I enjoyed all your posts and pictures of NYC. Thanks.


  10. Thank you for sharing your NYC with us. I love the city and go as often as possible, but everyone’s perspective is different. I wish you luck this semester, and many more “walks in the park”.


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