More from the Iowa State Capital…

The library inside the Capital smelled like old books, which is a nice smell! It’s a tall space with two amazing spiral staircases. 

The books were pretty on the shelves. I would have taken many more photos but we didn’t get to stay long. 

Also seen on the tour were mosaics which made me want to play with tiny tiles…

And spiral stairs to climb up and down to the dome. I got a little dizzy and my thighs are still sore. 

We got to look outside from one window when we were high in the dome. I guess squirrels don’t come through the gap in the screen…

I was surprised to find the signs of the zodiac painted on the ceiling on the ground floor. 

There were quotations in many places. Every politician should take this one to heart…

And then we went outside where I had noticed a gold building. It was, not surprisingly, built to reflect the Capital!

I think this last photo may be my favorite one of all. 

9 thoughts on “More from the Iowa State Capital…

  1. Being a native Iowan, i enjoyed seeing the photos of the State capital. It’s been a long time since i have visited it, so your photos were like a trip there. Thanks.


  2. I was born in Iowa, lived on a farm there for 30 years, now I am in Arizona.  This makes me very proud and I SO enjoyed your pictures. Thank you.


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