On home ownership, part 2…

Do you remember that we have a problem with our irrigation system? I think the problems developed when we were in Hawaii but it could have been farther back. We had a wet spring which masked a lot of problems. But we now have a lot of very dry plants:

It took two days for the first repairman to have time to over. He started digging and found this:

That is a flexible black pipe that should be bigger, rigid PVC pipe. The guy who put in our irrigation system obviously did not work to code. Sigh. 

A tree root has pinched and broken this main line and if it has happened here it’s going to happen in other spots. It doesn’t make sense to just repair it. Everything underground is going to have to be replaced. Deeper sigh. 

So now I’m waiting on Bruce, who installs irrigation systems. He’s coming over Sunday afternoon. For now I’m watering the old fashioned way:


6 thoughts on “On home ownership, part 2…

  1. I’m not a landscape expert, but looks to me it was the black tube used for drip irrigation systems. Maybe your original landscaper put in drips vs traditional sprinklers? Drips are really easy to cut sections out and add a new section and it is super inexpensive. You may want to verify before you go the expense of digging up all your drips to replace with traditional sprinklers. Drip systems are typically less water consumers too! But if he did put the drip piping (black) in, as a low cost approach for traditional sprinklers it probably would be worth it to replace.



  2. We had to replace ours with PVC, not black hose. Our culprits were the gophers, but tree roots can eat hoses too, I see. Good luck and your plants will be much happier when it’s fixed. Also, you won’t be losing water. In our drought that was a big issue for us.


  3. That is why I like to be home & around when workers do things at my house. Amazing what you find/see/hear sitting on the porch with a glass of tea – while they work.


  4. Thanks for your recent posts on capitol buildings. Love the detailed photos. Made me think “these are temples to government — of the people by the people for the people” — Yes?


  5. On our acre+ lawn, my husband is the “irrigation guy”. Over the almost 25 years we have lived here he has replaced LOTS of PVC pipe….mostly from root problems from large and still growing oaks. He also has had to replace a lot of sprinkler heads. That has nothing to do with roots….I mow the lawn…Ooops. I told him you get what you pay for.


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