A shopping adventure with Elanor…

I made a promise to Elanor last year that I would take her on an overnight shopping trip to Dallas to celebrate her 13th birthday and the big day came last week. I booked a room at a NYLO (New York Lofts) hotel because it’s hip and trendy! Lots of concrete and exposed pipes and ducts, cool furniture, nice art—definitely not the usual hotel look.


Elanor thought the all-black elevators were creepy, but I liked them. Industrial, functional, clean lines, fun textures… what’s  not to love?


The rooms had tubular ‘mood lighting’. I was surprised that the light actually was good once it got dark outside. I thought it might be very orange, but it wasn’t.


The bathroom, however, was the most fun. I can’t remember ever seeing a corner commode.


The spare toilet paper had this fun cover. I am still pondering what sort of emergency use it could be put to :-).


We shopped at Northpark Center both on Thursday afternoon and Friday. We found everything on her list (jeans, shoes, and boots). Some for her birthday, some for Christmas (because CHRISTMAS IS COMING!).

Besides the excitement of shopping, we had fire alarms in the night. They went off at 12:30am for a few seconds and then they stopped. After looking in the hallway and listening, it appeared to be an alarm problem. When they went off an hour later we went to the front desk to be sure. This was not a new problem and they were very sorry, etc.

Elanor, who was freaked out by the first alarm, was beginning to get over it. Good thing because they went off 4 more times, about every hour or so. To help us get over our lack of sleep, the hotel gave us complimentary breakfasts, which is better than nothing.

Instead of looking at the negative, we decided to embrace this as a positive experience. Elanor learned what an alarm in a place like a hotel sounds like—and what false alarms are like. She learned to always be aware of where the exits are (we had looked when we first got to our room). She learned to react swiftly and remain calm.

So, all in all, we had a really nice time eating out, shopping, and having a hipster hotel experience!

6 thoughts on “A shopping adventure with Elanor…

  1. There is nothing worse than a fire alarm in a hotel. It has happened to me several times in my travels, but the worst was when I was in the shower. Needless to say, I dried off and got dressed very quickly!


  2. Happy Birthday to Elanor! Having a hip Granny has so many advantages—understanding alarms and in the night and discovering the best use of corners.


  3. Sweet present for a new teenager. I used to let my daughter pick out her clothes when she became a teenager. So much easier than returning things after the holidays. When you buy them this early they forget what they choose. — Great learning experience for her future.


  4. Ella got to spend time with her Nana , shopping and stay at hipster hotel with fire alarms, learn to be positive. Sounds like you guys had wonderful time.
    Ella will remember her 13th birthday with lots smiles..


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