You learn something new every day!

I am in Tyler, TX, visiting the Quilters Guild of East Tyler. My lecture is over, I’ve shopped for fabric, and now I’m working on the computer in my hotel room—where no one is bothering me. There are times when I want to leave my studio and go to a hotel just for this reason :-).

Anyway, I took a break from doing what I’m supposed to be doing to check email where I found a link to this video showing how to tie your shoes. I tried it on my sneakers and it does make a pretty knot. The trick is remembering step 2. My shoe laces are thicker so I did fiddle with the knot a little more than is shown in the video to make it pretty, but it works!

Click here or on the link below if the video does not open on your screen.

3 thoughts on “You learn something new every day!

  1. Hm. Different from my knot that doesn’t untie, and prettier. One thing I like about your emails (among others) is that I never know what I will find. Thanks for your eclectic tastes!


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