The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade…

We walked a few blocks from Jeff’s apartment to 64th Street and Central Park West. We got there an hour before the parade started and there were already lots of people there. None of us are committed enough to parades to have gotten there in time to be in the front row.

Anything below head level was hidden from us, but luckily most of the good stuff is tall or floating. The Macy’s stars were first…

Followed by a turkey float…

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My favorite was Adventure Time…

Jeff is in the kitchen cooking. I have been decorating their Christmas tree, and Steve is having a nap. What a great Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade…

  1. I always decorate the tree the night before Qhristmas, which in Germany is on the 24th. The four weeks before that, we have an Advent Wreath with four real candles on it. One for every week before Christmas. There is another one hanging on our front door. And the kids open up one door each day of the Advent Calendar. Even grown ups have on with small gifts in them. Have a pleasant and peaceful Advent time! You started out well. Birgitt


    • It’s funny how different the customs can be surrounding Christmas. I grew up with the decorations up at least a month, from Thanksgiving to Christmas, and then they come down, often the day after. I have friends who decorate more as you do. It’s lucky that we can all do our own thing and be happy :-).

      Enjoy advent!




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