Happy New Year!

I hope your new year is off to a dandy start. Mine has been good so far. I’m not walking as fast as usual, and I’m still in the boot, but otherwise my foot feels better than it did before surgery and I’m moving around normally. I’m even back to standing at my desk!

Steve is in Hawaii now, teaching Natural History of the Hawaiian Islands with Keith Kisselle, his colleague. I’m on my own for 3.5 weeks and since he left I have been overcome with the urge to tidy.

On Saturday Chris came over and helped me rearrange my studio. I moved my computer to the other side of the room so that I can look outside when I work. That meant stringing ethernet cable through the attic and down the wall. It took about 4 hours, but it’s done and I wish I had done this years ago. I ended up spending another many hours trying to connect my wireless printer to the computer. It never did so I got a faster, newer one that works better. (Printers are actually cheap—it’s the toner that’s expensive.)

Yesterday I tackled some shelves in the garage that have bothered me for months. If I never saw them I could have ignored them, but I walk past them numerous times every day. It may not look that tidy to you, but it’s so much better than before!


I didn’t waste a lot of time dusting the shelves off because, why? They’ll be dusty again in a few days.


I was all done and congratulating myself on a job well done when the garage door decided not to work. What happened was that one of the sensors was out of alignment. It’s had a problem ever since I hit it with the car months ago. I’ve had to tweak its position in the past but this time that didn’t work. So I had to take the thing apart, re-bend the metal bracket, and wire it in place on the back side of the bracket. It works!


What I’m really doing is practicing work avoidance. I should be doing so many other things but I can’t seem to concentrate on anything until I feel like my space is in order. I’ve about run out of projects so perhaps the work will commence this afternoon :-).

8 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

    • Not this time. I made the trip with him 4 times but it’s time for him to think about handing this marvelous course off to a younger faculty member. He may get to go with Keith again in two years, and I might pay my way and tag along because it’s very hard being home.



  1. That would be a hard gig to give up!
    It always feels good to have that feeling of accomplishment after you complete a task. Congratulations on rearranging your studio–not a trivial task! The garage shelves are another good accomplishment–you’ll see them often so will keep getting reminded that you took care of that task (for awhile)!


    • LOL I always seem to clean when my husband goes away. It always seems I feel the need to put the house in order before I can play with fabric. I also change
      My sewing room around often a change is as good as a rest 😜


  2. Happy new year to you, too. And what a busy bee you are. I’ll start past the 6th of January, that is our last day off. It’s a celebration of the 3 Holy Kings coming to worship Jesus. In Germany, catholic kids go from house to house, collecting money for some project in Africa or elsewhere. Actually this year they should be collecting for the million of refugees Germany has to put up with. You would not believe how sad this thing is. They’ve given up/lost everything except their lives and they are severely traumatized. Look at the video and you know why. If you ever think life is unfair to you, remember those pictures.



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