Mirror, mirror…

That was the title of our photo challenge last week. We were supposed to incorporate a mirror or mirror-ish surface (like water) in the image. I admit that I didn’t spend a lot of time on this photo but, as it turns out, I like it a lot!


The round mirror is a small magnifying mirror that I use when I am putting on mascara. When you stand back a little ways from it, the image is turned upside-down. The trick was positioning myself just right which took many tries.

I’ve noticed that I love photos without color, and I love quilts with lots of color. I’m not even going to spend time thinking about why that is. Perhaps, if there were more hours in the day, I’d give it a good think!

8 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror…

  1. I love this picture, and I find it a little hilarious how your bangs are perfectly straight… upside down! Haha! I tried moving my mascara-magnification-mirror back and forth but can’t seem to get my image to go upside down…


  2. Found my grade school “photo album” this week besides the fact that all the photos are falling out – glue only lasts so long – all but the school pictures are black and white. Unlike your photo that is crisp mine were taken with a cheap camera. These old eyes can’t make them crisp…. wondering if photo shop would crisp them up as some would be a hoot for facebook posting. Your photo is great and will be great in sixty years as well.


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