Stuck in place…

My photo assignment this week is ‘stuck in place’. This is an exercise where you pick one spot and stay in it for an hour taking photos. I went to the Austin College campus and planted myself here:


I took nearly 300 photos! I have to choose my top 3 images (excluding the image above) to turn in late Saturday. I’ve narrowed it down to 11 images. I think that this photo will make the cut:

cropped, minor edits

Click here if you’d like to see my other photos and leave a comment on the blog to tell me which ones you like the best!

11 thoughts on “Stuck in place…

  1. This one is an appliquer’s dream, having the most loveliness and completeness going on. The background is as perfect as the foreground with its spots of white sunlight and blue sky in a field of green. A good fabric line!!! Those circles are great in the background–a lens is doing that? The delicate blue green stems and teeny leaves against the yellow green background makes you appreciate how fragile these flowers are at their stage in life. And, the beautiful Mexican coneflower heads are just delicious to study. I guess the pollinators love these flowers.


  2. Oh, my! Your photo sharing almost makes me enroll in a class and refine my own efforts. I love the simplicity of your coneflowers the best, the 3 flower heads with an interesting background are just delightful. My other favorites are also floral or grasses, in total numbers 9, 11 and 12. Hmm, that says more about me that about you. But, I am intrigued with the perspective of the building with all the windows. Did you use time lapse to get the hazy effect? Interesting, all. Thank you for sharing your photography journey.


  3. Since you enjoy photography and art have you ever seen Susan Tuttle’s work? I am taking an online class now called Mobile Art Mastery (obviously using your phone) but it is too much fun! Attached is my first picture.

    Your pictures are great!

    Joan Christopherson


  4. I like 4, 6, 11, & 12. Did you notice how in 6 it kind of looks like a ship in the upper center part of the photograph. You got some interesting effects my moving the camera as you clicked the shutter!


  5. My eye keeps trying to put the out of focus pictures into focus, so none of those. The bamboo photo is first like and the blue background is second and you have the Mexican Hats for the third. I just looked did not try and read more or less into any of the photos.


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