Photos from Salzburg…

We took the subway (the U-Bahn) to the main train station (the Hauptbahnhof) where we caught a train to Salzburg. Jeff navigated the subway and train systems for us. He is from NYC and it didn’t take long for him to figure it out. It took Steve and I a bit longer.

Salzburg is beautiful. The old part of the city, called Getreidegasse, is overlooked by the Hehensalzburg Fortress. It is easy to spot from just about anywhere in the city. I took the next photo from the Mirabell Palace Garden.


We were only in Salzburg for 1 1/2 days. We walked through the Mirabell Garden on our way to the hotel. We (and just about everyone else) took pictures, with both cameras and iPhones. But I have to say that it’s an eye-opener to see so many people ignoring what’s right in front of them in favor of their device. I try not to do that so much.


Our hotel, the Blaue Gans Arthotel (which was truly wonderful!), is on this street:


The business signs are much like the decorations you see on Bavarian maypoles, but bigger and fancier. The blue goose (blaue gans) is the sign for our hotel.


After checking in, we went up to the cafe at the Museum of Modern Art which is located at the top of Mount Mönchsberg. The views are spectacular! That’s the Fortress in the distance.



The structures and vehicles almost look like toys.


More tomorrow…

11 thoughts on “Photos from Salzburg…

  1. What? No feet? No manhole covers? Your trademarks! Just kidding… 🙂 Love these pix… I want to go back to Europe, too – Italy, where I lived for 3 years, eons and eons ago. You’re getting me inspired. It’s so true about the “oldness” of the buildings and architecture… so different than visiting other places in the US. I remember my first trip to California and how “new” most things seemed compared to the east coast. Yet the east coast is very new compared to much of the rest of the world… I wonder how I’d feel in Egypt with those ancient pyramids! Where are the oldest buildings in the world? I wonder…


  2. Please don’t think that you are overloading us with your vacation pictures..quite the opposite. They are truly wonderful and inspiring. Please, please keep them coming.


  3. My husband and I are leaving tomorrow for two weeks in Ireland. We’re returning to the same area because it’s amazingly restful. He is an adventurer and could travel all over, but I’ve gotten to the point where ‘adventurous’ vacations, which were wonderful, are a thing of the past. All this to say that I have LOVED seeing your pictures! I’ll never go there but it’s so wonderful to enjoy them vicariously through your post-card-perfect shots!! Thanks a bunch!!


  4. The dome picture is delightful.
    The garden picture is delightful.
    The street picture is delightful.
    The bench picture is delightful.
    Heck – seeing all these places that are truly different from my life in Texas is wonderful!
    The structures and vehicles almost look like toys says she who has boys….


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