I have never been much for selfies. My arms aren’t long enough and my nose always looks too big!  But I decided to go for it on this trip and Steve went with me…


I’ve decided that the key is to get over yourself. No one has long enough arms.


Also, it takes some manual dexterity to take a selfie with one hand. I’m not always successful, but I’m better than Steve who was not remotely interested in taking them.


I also decided that you only need so many selfies. We did not overdo it.



Jeff surprised us all by coming prepared with a telescoping selfie stick. He acknowledged that if that had been my idea, he would never have gone along but we were all glad he had it. You can fit 4 people and scenery into the frame if you can move the phone far enough away :-).




10 thoughts on “Selfies…

  1. I’m so enjoying your travel pictures. We just got back yesterday from a Danube river cruise so loved seeing where you were when we were someplace else. Did you notice how many selfies people take? Kind of amusing.


  2. Lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing.
    I read a comment by a professional portrait photographer (I can’t remember where or who, so I can’t give the proper credit ), that the mistake we all make with selfies is to take the picture from the top down. We should always take from the bottom up. Keep the phone/camera low.


    • I have taken a few selfies–I definitely DON’T like it when I hold the camera low–My neck looks disgusting!
      When we toured Monet’s house on our recent trip to France, we were able to get a cute picture using the mirror on a wardrobe.


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