St. Maarten, continued…

There were lots of photo ops. In fact, I could turn into one of those people who makes little forward progress because they are too busy taking pictures. That used to drive me crazy with other people, so I try not to overdo it.


Sometimes I like to play with filters or other editing options. (Camera+ has some really great built-in editing features.) There is never only one perfect choice so it’s hard to know when to stop..


This photo in color is not nearly as good…


The same is true with this photo. In black and white is looks very retro.


There was one wall with a broken glass bottle ridge along its top that looked like dangerous flowers.


It was more interesting in black and white.


3 thoughts on “St. Maarten, continued…

  1. I love the photos Becky! Love playing with my camera too. Have you looked into Susan Tuttle’s course “Mobile Art Mastery”. So much fun if you like the artsy approach to play with your photos.


  2. Jane Sassaman would love the dangerous flowers reference! I do love playing with all the app tools on the phone camera too. Lovely photos! Sharon Waggy


  3. Looks like you were having a lot of fun with your camera on your trip to St. Maarten. Beautiful scenery and great photos. Thanks for sharing, Becky.


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