A shopping opportunity!

Steve Schlesinger wrote to me to say that his mom unfortunately died a few years ago and left them with ‘mind-boggling’ amounts of quilting supplies. Let me quote him:

How much?  We’ve been able to pay for cars for both of my daughters for college mainly on quilting fabric. We are now moving onto prepackaged fabrics.  I came across this Flowering Vines complete kit. Do you know anybody who is looking for this set? I have one that is complete.
Thanks, Steve

It looks to me like this is the kit with the original fabric, most of it we designed. I don’t have any idea what it is worth and Steve is taking offers. If you are interested, email Steve at ltifoto@gmail.com.

He added:

I’ve met some really nice people along the way who have bought the fabrics.  The first quilt guild that took on helping us sell the fabric was overwhelmed by how much nice fabric we had.  They bought about half of what we brought up, which was only 1/3 of the total collection.  We decided to hold off on selling the kits and bundles until most of the fabric was gone.  Out of 14 sewing machines she left us with, we’re keeping two for my daughters.  Now I am left with only one Bernina 1130.

My mom was a retired math teacher and would spend her days going from sewing to needlepoint to knitting to rug hooking. She never met a craft-store she didn’t like.

Let me just say that I have a BERNINA 1130 and it is a jewel. He didn’t say, but if I didn’t have one already, I’d make on offer on that as well. What could it hurt?

Also, even though this is working out well, it is a cautionary tale. Look around your work space and consider if maybe it might be time to thin your stash :-).

Again, if you are interested, email Steve at ltifoto@gmail.com.

2 thoughts on “A shopping opportunity!

  1. Steve’s mom was a blessed woman to be able to enjoy her crafts to such an extent! I can just see her, happily working on this project and that. Can you imagine the treasures she made for her family?! But, you are right. I now am much more careful about analyzing how much I really love or “need” a new fabric, and how much time I honestly have to devote to a new project.


  2. I don’t think about future… God will bring me home when he’s ready..in meantime I will use b the talent he gave me.. quilting,sewing,toothbrush rugs,knitting,cross stitching..estate sales..as far as these new knees will take me!!


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