He did it!

I remember when our oldest son, Christopher, first went to school. He was cute, and smart, and on the quiet and serious side.


We were proud of him then and we are proud of him today, on his last day of school*. He has successfully defended his doctoral dissertation at SMU. Oh happy, happy, very happy day!


This was a long time coming. Chris and Lorna have had 3 children, bought and remodeled a house, and worked hard to survive during his journey through higher education. Steve and I are proud of his achievement on every level. Way to go, son!

*Chris’s area of study is the long 18th century of British literature. His dissertation is currently titled Primal Filth. I have not yet read it, but Chris is an excellent writer so I expect to be entertained.

12 thoughts on “He did it!

  1. Congratulations to you, the parents and to Christopher and his family. This is a great honor and reward for work well done. My best wishes for a prosperous future.


  2. Congratulations. He is just the cutest. Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to be proud of our kids and grandkids. Just the best joy. 👏🏻🎉



    • Actually, both of our sons have PhD’s, as does my husband. In my nuclear family, I’m the odd person without one. But that’s OK with me because I’m not going back to school :-).

      Please do click here to read about what’s new on my blog.



  3. Love it–Primal Filth–moral filth or poor sanitation or both? Best of luck to Christopher, Lorna, and the children in this new chapter they are opening.


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