Taking advantage of an icy day…

We had an ice storm earlier this week. The ground was warm enough that getting around wasn’t bad, but everything else was encased. This week’s photo challenge is visual rhythm which I kept in mind as I took pictures. I’ll be interested to hear if you have a favorite, and which you think is the best choice for my visual rhythm challenge.

I love the look of power lines, even though I’m happy that the ones in our neighborhood are buried (fewer power outages).

Power Lines – 6

Imperfect is often more interesting than perfect. I’ll bet the owners of this fence would rather it was straight and tall.

Icy Fence – 4

Holly Berries

Icicles on a branch

Mailboxes – 1

Mailboxes – 2

The numbers on the photos were randomly assigned and do not indicate my high or low preferences.

22 thoughts on “Taking advantage of an icy day…

  1. Hi, I love power lines 6 or icy fence 4. I like the power lines because it doesn’t look like 2018. It looks like the 50’s or even the 40’s.


  2. I live in Elgin, I’ll. So I know about ice. and snow storms. It is so hard not to take pictures of how beautiful everything looks covered in snow and it is so quiet outside. I like the one with the berries and really like the mail box close up.


  3. I like Icy Fence 4 (close-up version) because of the contrast between the curvy, twisty top and the bottom, very geometric straight lines of the wire. Nice photos!


  4. Brr! These are all interesting. I like the power lines the best (#6). I didn’t see the rhythm in the lines, and then noticed the poles so it made the photo more interesting, and the Holly berries with the surprising touch of color.


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