Traveling to the other side of the globe…


Yes, it takes a while to fly from Texas to Australia, but that’s OK. I did pay more to have extra seat room and footrest on the 15-hour flight and Tylenol PM helped me sleep. I landed at 7AM, dazed but in pretty good shape.

The train trip from the airport in Sydney to Newcastle, where Catherine and Andrew live, was quite nice. I sat across from a dad and his daughter who were quietly entertaining for most of the 3 hour ride. Mostly I was reminded of how hard it can be to keep a youngster occupied for this sort of trip. He did a fantastic job, mostly talking to her and rarely looking at his phone. I was impressed!


Catherine and I went walking yesterday… she and Andrew live in Newcastle near shops and restaurants, and very close to the water.


It is so very different from my land-locked home in Sherman, TX. It’s going to be loads of fun seeing more of this part of Australia with my friend!



7 thoughts on “Traveling to the other side of the globe…

  1. Have walked that beach. One of my sons lives at East Maitland just 15 minutes drive from there. Its a lovely part of the world. Enjoy your stay.


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