Be nice, every day.

October 24 was Unity Day. I didn’t remember that there was a Unity Day until I read the funnies…


Kindness, acceptance, inclusion… these are virtues that we were encouraged to adopt beginning in pre-school.

Some folks don’t have to be reminded to practice these virtues—I wish I was one of them. When I am stressed, I tend to be short with people and I never feel good about that.


I have been on a years-long quest to change, to always be kind to the people around me, but I consider myself to be a work-in-progress. It is possible to evolve if you put your mind to it.

Right now, with the country split politically, I think it’s especially important to be kind to everyone. If we all do that, maybe the national stress level will go down a bit. Wouldn’t that be wonderful!


13 thoughts on “Be nice, every day.

  1. You do sprinkle happiness, Becky, with your blog, with your patterns and your giveaways. Yes, it would be wonderful if we all practiced kindness acceptance and inclusion.


  2. Yes, I do think we are all a work in progress and could always improve. I try to do this every day. What’s really nice is that I never know how a smile or little conversation is working. I’m a freelance court stenographer and I do pre-trial depositions. Unless you’re a professional witness, it’s normally the first time – witnesses don’t know the procedure and get nervous. Well, last week one attorney was held up in court and not to where the deposition was held for over an hour. I just chatted with the witness about normal things – hobbies, kids, grandchilren – nothing about the case. When it was all over the woman thanked me for make it so much easier. She was much less nervous and intimidated. So now I know at least it helped one person.

    A smile can make all the difference in a person’s day. We are all alike inside!


    • That was lovely of you, Mary Ellen! Many of us would turn to our phone rather than to the actual person next to us. Some people are unused to talking to strangers. I actually love talking to strangers, pretty much anywhere. It drives my younger son a little crazy when I do that in NYC :-).



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