It’s not Thanksgiving without the parade…

Steve and I went with Jeff to watch the Macy’s parade. It was 18 degrees! I don’t know how the folks in the parade managed to keep the smiles on their faces, but they did. I was especially impressed with the bands. Their fingers must have been so cold!

The crowds were light so we got pretty close. Even so, I saw a lot of heads…

But luckily the balloons fly above the crowd!

We gave up and went back to the warm apartment and watched the rest of the parade on TV with a glass of bubbly.

Jeff is getting ready to cook the turkey. We are thankful for it all :-).

Happy thanksgiving to you and yours :-).

11 thoughts on “It’s not Thanksgiving without the parade…

  1. Saw parade on TV – all of it…. as we are cooking tomorrow …. no running in and out of the kitchen. I really like your balloon pictures with the folks at the bottom.


  2. Becky, my granddaughter Claire was in the Macy’s parade. She is from Justin, Tx and was part of the Spirit of America cheer team.

    She is on the second row the blonde second from the left.

    Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍽🍁 Debbie Coates Denton, Texas

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  3. I’ve always wondered how people could stand out in the cold for so long without needing a bathroom. I know that’s a weird thing to think of when home and watching the parade on TV – but when you’re a diabetic and need the facilities every hour and a half sometimes, it does become a BIG problem. Happy you and your family were able to do itl


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