Wednesday Giveaway

Sandy is this week’s lucky winner. She will receive Sewline’s 9mm white chalk pencil. This pencil makes a line you can see that isn’t too thick. The chalk is firm enough not to break as you draw on fabric, unless you push too hard. I use this pencil when I am drawing very small or fine shapes.


184 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. These are my favorite marking tools for appliqué. They make a fine line that is easy to remove. I’d love to have another one for my travel bag!


  2. Just watch The Quilting Show Trailer for the BOM for the year. A beautiful design that makes me want to think about starting a new BOM. Love your fun designs.


  3. Lost a lifetime of sewing supplies, fabric, patterns, notions, thread, machines, etc during Harvey flood. Slowly acquiring some back. Still need a lot. Thanks


  4. I love these Slimline pencils, and I use them all the time with the black lead. I also have one white one which is perfect with the tiny, thin line that rubs away and eventually disappears. I also love your designs. Thanks for sharing these and your fun give-aways!


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