Wednesday Giveaway

This week’s winner is ‘uptown Connie’ and she will receive a trio of Blackwing’s Clutch Notebooks. The pages have a light dotted grid which is nice if you want to sketch blocks. I like the dot grid better than lined pages because I really don’t like staying on the line :-).

Shop for this and more!

109 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. I love little notebooks. Your photography interest is taking you in some new directions. Do you think it will start influencing your design work?


  2. I have bought their pencils and sharpener from you…very nice quality…these would be a treat to win! Thanks for the chance…enjoy your blog!


  3. love the little notebook. i generally use blank copy paper or the back of an envelope or whatever is handy. my lines generally go uphill when i’m drawing squares for blocks. looks funny but i know what it means. i’ve also started using the colored pencils to draw in and try different colors. thanks for the opportunity. patti in florida


  4. I have never seen these, but would love to win them. I am always making little ideas on little pieces of paper! Thanks. I love the corks photo and the top (first) photo is my choice.


  5. I am always doodling and designing quilts in my margins, etc. This is a great take-a-long size. I agree and also like the dots instead of lines. Have not seen that before.


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