Sunday. Or Monday?

I was the lucky recipient of four 2019 wall calendars. Since I love them all, I had to come up with places to hang them.

Steve hangs three calendars next to his desk on campus. One shows the current month, one the next, and then the next. He can see three months at a glance. I decided to do the same thing.

My fourth calendar hangs on the back of a cabinet door in the bathroom.

I’ve been marking off the days on this calendar, a thing I have not done on wall calendars in the past. It didn’t take me long to notice these weeks begin on Sunday.

Since I have always thought of the week beginning on Monday, that seemed wrong. So I checked and, of my four wall calendars, three begin the week on Sunday. Honestly, how did I not notice this in the past?

My Get To Work Book desk calendar starts on Monday.

This has created a subtle shift in my thinking. When my week begins on Sunday, the week ahead feels somehow calmer. When my week begins on Monday, it feels like jumping into the deep end of a pool, knowing that I’d better be ready to start swimming for the other side.

I don’t think mentally starting the week one day is always better than the other. For me, it’s knowing that I can choose which day my week starts on and that that choice can change my perception of the week ahead.

6 thoughts on “Sunday. Or Monday?

  1. I once had a pocket calendar that began with Mondays. I messed up several appointments and will never be without my Sunday-starts-the-week calendars again. Just sayin’.


  2. That’s true for me. It’s amazing how such little things can change life. That top, yellow one would make a great quilt.


  3. Becky the delema of what day to start the week and how it impacts our life is interesting. I start on Sunday. It’s that day or redemption for the church goer. The clean slate. The bright beginning. Fresh and new. It’s also rest…I take a nap. Now that I’m retired. I don’t peel myself off the couch doing the, “ go herd the masses, check and double check, and make sure it’s right.” It’s calmer. I still struggle to do my sewing. I keep up with all my friend. Somehow we all make our lives busy. It’s just how busy and with whom. Have a good week. V


  4. I was taught in school that Sunday was the first day of the week and have never seen a calendar that started with Monday. Maybe there are appointment calendars that start on Monday since most jobs were 8:00-5:00, Monday through Friday. Know that has all changed with many different careers, but Sunday has always stuck with me as the first day of the week.


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