Celebrating Mom…

My mom would have been 87 yesterday and we celebrated the event by going out to lunch at one of her favorite places… Mooyah! We had burgers, fries, and shakes!

Mom went to Mooyah with Lorna and the kids, and Carla pretty often. That was their thing to do. This was my first trip and it makes me wonder why I wasn’t with them before. Dang!

I knew mom would want all of her friends to celebrate too, so I took a big sheet cake (baked by Mom’s Bakery here in Sherman) to Preston Place, the assisted living center where mom lived. I ordered a white cake with chocolate frosting decorated with flowers. I asked them to put a flower on every piece… I call this the ‘Everybody gets a flower!’ cake…

Mom’s Bakery did such a great job! I wish I had thought of this years ago because my mom would have loved this cake. I thought they would put the same flower on each piece but they were way more creative than that. Way to go, Mom’s!

While I was at Preston Place delivering the cake, I visited the courtyard to see my mom’s St Francis statue ‘display’. I’ll never forget setting this up, with Steve and I moving St. Francis here and there, and putting the metal flowers in just the right place. Mom loved the metal flowers. I thought they were a little over the top but I have to admit that they are smile inducing.

The little golfing monkey was still there, off to the side. Mom liked concrete critters and some of hers ended up in my yard… aturtle, pig, bird, and a rabbit with a broken ear. The big lion is at Chris and Lorna’s. However, only the monkey is playing a sport :-).

Carla had a picture of mom on her phone that she shared with me. It was from the last time mom got her hair done…

Yup, that’s my mom. The smile is right there, about to happen. There’s a twinkle in her eye, and her hair looks really nice :-). We all miss her, but we remember her and that keeps her with us, every day.

28 thoughts on “Celebrating Mom…

  1. What a lovely post and tribute to your mother. Our remembrances are personal but so universal when a post such as this appears. My mother and mother in law are remembered equally with yours and will forever be in my heart.

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  2. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    How thoughtful of you and your dear ones to celebrate your mom’s birthday
    even though she is no longer with you. She would have been thrilled with
    that lovely, colorful cake, and happy that you celebrated her on her special


  3. I lost my mom over 30 years ago and she is still in my thoughts every day! We were blessed to have wonderful mothers. Thank you for sharing.


  4. Becky, Our Mom’s are missed everyday. Your sentiment was very much appreciated. I stop at a hamburger place called Sonic here in The Woodlands, Texas and have a vanilla ice cream cone to celebrate and remember my Mom. It’s just a simple reminder!


  5. Thank you for sharing memories of your Mom.
    It was lovely and reminded me of similar memories of my Mom. The cake is worth ordering for my Mother’s Day dinner with family. Very special memories of our mothers are a treasure. I hope my girls become beloved mothers some day. Bless you, Laurie VS.


  6. Such a lovely post! As my own dear mother would say about this, your mother would be so pleased by your thoughtful remembrances, but not at all surprised. Thanks for sharing.


  7. She looks like Mrs Bush. Very pretty. I lost my mom several years ago. She was 103. A nice celebration you all had. Love the cake.


  8. Becky, that was such a lovely way to honor your Mom and keep her memory alive. Thank you for sharing and bless you & your family.


  9. What a great way to remember your mother!! Its such a good idea to take a cake into the nursing home. I’m sure they all loved it! I know the residents appreciate visitors. Such a good thing to do!!


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