Home again, home again…

I’ve been back from Hawaii for nearly a week. Jet lag is over, the piles on my desk are mostly gone. The laundry is done and summer is here.

I do miss Hawaii. I miss having a MaiTai under the Banyon tree at the Beach Bar, watching the sun go down.

I miss watching Jack be a kid, doing brand new things in a place so unlike home.

We did a fair bit of waiting for things… like food from food trucks. We didn’t let the wait bother us, we were patient. That is something I am doing my best to hold onto… patience while waiting.

I kind of miss the sound of roosters. I wouldn’t mind free range chickens in our neighborhood but I don’t think they’d last long. Coyotes, birds of prey, and cats would probably love the idea :-).

I don’t miss the roads on Kauai. The main road runs around the island in a U-shape. There isn’t a road where the cliffs on the north side of the island are. If you are in Princeville and want to go to Waimea Canyon, you have to take the long way around to get there. It’s not that far by mainland standards, but speed limits are low, there are usually only 2-3 lanes, and being in a hurry is a bad idea.

The road on the north side of Kauai hugs the slopes in many places. This is an island that gets a lot of rain and sometimes roads and bridges wash out. This is a spot on the 2 mile stretch of road between Princeville (where we stayed) and Hanalei (where we went pretty often). One of the lanes is mostly gone, washed way down the slope. It’s a long drop. Traffic is cut to one lane.

Driving is never risk free. We drove this road in the same way that the locals do. However, every time we were on this bit I said a little prayer.

I miss the colors of the ocean, sky, and sand…

Sadly, not every beach is pristine.

We’ve all heard about plastic in the ocean but finding it on beaches where I’ve not seen it before got my attention in a big way. The amount of plastic on some beaches was shocking. I gathered those big pieces inside a 3′ square space on the beach near Lydgate Park.

I looked for shells on every beach. Instead of colorful beach glass, I kept finding colorful bits of plastic. And, in case you are wondering, the shell gathering was not particularly good. It could be that pretty, whole shells are hard to find, but I couldn’t help but wonder if there isn’t a correlation between that and the pollution.

It’s depressing, right? But this is a real thing and it’s better to see it because ignoring reality changes nothing.

We all do our best to reduce our use of plastic but if you live a ‘regular’ life like we do, it’s impossible to live without plastic. However, I’m trying to do better. I am going to stop being so quick to replace something that is not recyclable just because I want it in a slightly different color or shape. I’m going to pay more attention to packaging. Feel free to give me other ideas.

Back to happier things… we all miss Wailua Shave Ice! FYI: we really aren’t that red in real life. The umbrella and tables are red and we are basking in their glow :-).

I found a shave ice machine on Amazon and it’s not expensive. I could make my own flavoring from coconut milk and fresh fruit. But I have a feeling that after a couple of weeks the machine (made from plastic I’m sure) would be sitting in the cabinet gathering dust. Dang… we’ll just have to go back to Hawaii!

12 thoughts on “Home again, home again…

  1. Hi Becky, My husband loves slushies. He has one just about every night with Torani syrup. We’ve tried all the machines and the Little Snowie 2 is the best, but it’s very loud. He puts on ear protection and I hide in my sewing room with the door closed while he runs it. At least it’s fast!


  2. I bought my daughter (actually my SIL since he does the shopping) and myself reusable produce bags at EarthJunky.com so we don’t have to use the plastic ones in the grocery produce dept. My New Years resolution was to reduce one-use plastics. I too love hearing about your adventures!


    • I did that too! Steve does the grocery shopping and he’s using them.

      I also bought several Bunnykins zip bags to use instead of ziplocks for food. They are wonderful and we are using them pretty often.



  3. I love your pictures of Hawaii. I know what you mean about the roads in Kauai and that road to Hanalei. We used to go every year. It’s been a while now. Maybe it’s time to go back.


  4. The plastic breaks my heart as well. Just recycling is not enough. Buying plastic is sometimes unnecessary, but sometimes it can save a life.
    There has got to be a balance.


  5. Dang! Having to go back to Hawaii for shave ice would be so tragic, yes? And if you had that chicken at the food truck (you know, the bigger one of those I’ve seen) you wouldn’t have to worry about coyotes or cats, right? Let’s get some of those breed, ok? Anyway, glad you were able to go and take Jack. Glad you are home, too. Hope everyone had a ton of fun. And patience? I would be careful of ever praying for that — I believe God gives you trials to develop your patience…. not funny of her, is it? Take care!


  6. I used to live in Hawaii. We were told that there aren’t many whole shells to be found there because the islands were formed by volcanoes … steep, conical mountains of lava. Since there isn’t much shallow, beachy coast there are no clams or mollusks or shellfish living in the sand. Therefore no shells. I hope I explained this correctly and understandably.


  7. Gee, they’ve really fancied up their shave ice flavorings!
    In my time, strawberry syrup was the first choice, and if we
    had enough $$, we’d order a scoop of vanilla ice cream or
    sweet red (azuki) beans on the bottom of the paper cone.
    So refreshing on a hot summer day!


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