Wednesday Giveaway

Debbie Russell is this week’s winner! She will receive a scissor charm on a chain. Scissor charms are pretty, and they stand out, making it easier to keep up with your nice scissors. AND, if your scissors are serrated and you have the charm on the correct grip, they help you to identify the serrated blade.

You can find other charms here.

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another Giveaway. Happy stitching!

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Watch the following video, starting at 30 seconds in, to see where to put the charm on serrated scissors.

144 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. The charms are great and so different that you can identify your own scissors when you go to a class or quilt camp! Thanks for the chance!


  2. This is so sweet. It helps to make our craft pretty to work with. Nice video, but I think I missed the part of where to put the charm on the serrated scissors. Hmmm
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net


  3. Thank you for the information on the proper way to use scissors with a serrated blade I had never heard about it. The charm would be nice for my scissors.


  4. i’m always looking for my scissors. I’d like to try one of these charms to see if they would help me keep track of my scissors.


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