What do you do when you have a day?

I got to answer that question yesterday… paint was my answer. Specifically, paint the living room, and then the studio, and then the inside of the front door.

This came as a surprise to Steve. I hadn’t talked about painting and he can’t read my mind. I’ve wanted to change colors for a couple of years, I just never had time. These are older pictures that show the green walls in the living room and yellow walls in the studio.

My sofa is dark gray now, two chairs are covered in black and gray fabric, plus Mom’s black leather chair. And there is a lovely gray area rug that anchors it all. The green was not doing it for me.

So on Saturday I got some paint chips and on Sunday we painted. Steve helped a lot! I did the cutting in, he manned the roller.

The yellow in the studio didn’t look good with gray, we had time, so we painted there too.

Each room got 2 coats. We had to move the furniture and then put it back. Both rooms, all done, in 6 1/2 hours! I’ll have to get a good picture of the studio to share, but I’m too pooped to go take one right now :-).

This morning I painted the inside of the front door the same shade of gray, but in a semi-gloss. The walls on either side of the door are white, but you can see the gray on the header wall that is at the edge of the living room, looking toward the front door.

The color is Polar Star by Valspar. It’s a gray that changes with the light. Sometimes it’s a little blue, other times a little violet. It’s not dark, but in shadow gets darker. We are very happy and I don’t have to think about new paint for a few years.

17 thoughts on “What do you do when you have a day?

  1. Uh….Grey is very popular….and so neutral….I’m trying to be diplomatic, but I am falling short. Wait, I have it! Your blue and grey bullseye quilt will look fabulous in this room. Whew….I did it.


    • Thank you for your tactfulness :-). It really is prettier than you might think because I have so much color elsewhere. This is lighter and brighter and this gray has color. I’m looking at it now and it kind of looks purple. I would not paint the living room purple, but I can enjoy it in small doses.



      • I’m usually never “accused” of being tactful!…but I am trying. Are you familiar with Alison Kandler Designs? (My favoirite designer/decorator) She uses color with wild abandon, but often has very neutral walls. Check out her website, projects, Instagram. Eye candy for sure!


      • I had not seen her site, but I do love her use of color.

        Neutral walls do not have to equal blandness. They offer a backdrop against which color sings. Over the years I’ve had strong colors on walls and just about everywhere else. These days I like a cleaner palette with pops of moveable color. Thankfully, wall paint is relatively cheap and easy to change :-).



  2. The new color looks great with your furniture. My walls are really bright too – like the green, and it might be time for me to get a new color too.


  3. I think everything looks great. Like the gray much better than the green. When I was young, i loved color but now I’m fond of more decent colors.


  4. I also can’t believe you had the energy to get all that done in one day! But it looks great and I’m sure everything looks great against the grey walls!


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