New Cat has a name!

Thank you all for your wonderful suggestions. I liked many of them but, as I said, I was not the decider. Honestly, I might have named him Snert, but last night at a gathering of family and friends someone suggested James Tiberius Cat… Jim for short. Steve said that was it so Jim it is!

Jim already has an Instagram account because Elanor was here to set it up. You can follow him at I’m sure there will be times when Belle joins him there.

Jim does not hold still for pictures. I have to catch him in between pounces.

He spent the night mostly sleeping with me. When I got up in the middle of the night, so did he. He knows where the litter box is and how to use it—oh happy day! One less thing to worry about. He did want to play before going back to sleep but got over that pretty quickly.

Jim is curious. He decided to smell my coffee this morning before I could stop him, but decided on his own not to try it. Probably a good thing on all counts.

Belle doesn’t love him.

She hisses and spits and puts him in his place if he gets too close but so far, no blood. Jim has demonstrated that he has the good sense to run and hide as needed.

Both cats want to be where I am, or where Steve is when he’s home. It’s odd… I’m used to cats choosing their spaces independent of where I am, mostly because I move around the house so much during the day. Now I have a furry parade in tow a lot of the time. That’s OK except that then everyone has to settle back in when I stop.

As I type this, Jim is sacked out on the desk next to me. He really wanted to be on my keyboard but that is a battle he is not going to win.

It’s amazing to think that a little more than 24 hours ago this cat was a flea-ridden stray. I’d love to know how he is processing this sudden change of fortune inside his little cat brain.

23 thoughts on “New Cat has a name!

  1. I have a 3-legged cat named Chester who looks just like Jim. I adopted him right after his injured leg was removed. Chester was then a stray, too, about 7 months old. Chester is now 3 and seems to love life. He’s so very sweet. If only my dog T-Bo thought the same about Chester.


  2. I love the new fur baby who adopted you. He must be a smart fella! Animals are such a good judge of character, and they know who has love to give.


  3. Aww so sweet. He really is a little guy. Cats are curious. When we got our kitty at 4 months he did the same. He followed me everywhere. Not at 13 yrs. LOL he still does. I love it. I was concerned that his curiosity would get him in trouble. But cats have a sense that we dont think about. Example: I love to have candles out. Shadow would get close and then leave. He doesnt bother candles anymore. He tried chewing on a cord. One time, he bit a little too hard and it gave him a little zap. He hasnt bothered a cord since. LOL Have fun with Jim.


  4. That is what our grown cat did when I brought in a kitten a couple months ago. Growl, hiss and spit, all it was teach the kitten how to do . the kitten, Molly, wasn’t phased by Coco do that. Now they are buddies.


  5. I’m so glad that your fur baby has a name, everyone needs a name that is just right for them. Your big girl Belle will adjust and might find out that a kitten is a good addition for the family. Would you ever consider giving a tour of your studio, I think it would be great fun to see it even the projects in progress.


  6. Seems like Jim is a really good addition to the family and as others have said, I do think Belle will come around eventually!


  7. The picture of Belle is wonderful! She looks so distinguished :-). She is very pretty! Jim is cute! He has a neat new name and a cool new home. I’m sure he appreciates all y’all are doing for him. Cats are cool. My favorite one was named Rolly and lived 18 years. Enjoy your day! 🙂 🙂


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