Books in harmony, two…

I wrote about Chris and Lorna’s books in the most recent newsletter. I just found the blog post from January 2016 showing the very first rearranging of books by color. Click here.

With the newly added shelving, the books now go down the entire wall which is at least 16′ long. Nearly all of the books had to come off the shelves so that new books could be placed in the appropriate color space.

There was a lot of dusting going on. And deep thought.

There are a lot of books with whit/cream spines. I think they sorted those first.

It almost makes me wish I had this many books. Instead I have a kindle with a nice cover…

and an interesting stack of quilt and art books.

Chris and Lorna’s books are way prettier. And more fun.

I, however, have less to dust :-).

13 thoughts on “Books in harmony, two…

  1. Oh Wow! That is some book collection! Well, as the saying goes, a person is never alone as long as he has a book and Jack has enough to last several lifetimes.( I assume the floor has been reinforced?) 😎


  2. I’ve put my much smaller set of books in color order – the quilting books only. It does look prettier and more organized, but it does make it difficult to find any particular book.


  3. I have thousands of books, too. They stand in double row. However, lately I prefer reading a kindle. The size of the letters can be adjusted to my failing old age eyes and since I mostly read in bed (during the day I don’t have the time), a kindle is not so heavy.
    So everything has its advantages.


  4. That’s an awful lot of books. And sorting them by color is VERY pretty. Soon they can open as a library! I like the pile of quilt books that you made. Only problem is how do you get some of the lower ones out to look at?


      • Wow — I’ve never seen anything like that before. Looks very easy to install. I’ve book marked the spot for the future. I think I could hold a lot more books if I did it that way – and even though I keep thinking I don’t need a new quilting book, they keep showing up. I don’t know how that happens (ha, ha) Good thing I don’t have to make a quilt from each book. I’d need to live until I’m 150. But if I did, I might use 1/2 of my stash! Have a great day and thanks for sending me that site.


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