Blingy Easter egg update!

Jack is busy making sequin-covered eggs. Can you tell that he is both tidy and particular?

Lorna didn’t have the best wire to poke through the styrofoam egg to make a hanger so Judy, her mom, came up with an excellent idea. Yay, Judy!!!

Use a thick thread, perhaps a #12 Perle cotton, and a big, long needle. The bigger the egg, the bigger the needle. Thread the needle. Pull several inches and thread through. Knot the ends together and pull the double strand from bottom to top through the egg. Clip the ends close to the knot and dab the knot with glue to keep it from coming apart.

Cover the knot with sequins as you work around the egg. Tie the threads together at the top to make a hanger at the length that suits you best. Brilliant!

Here is Jack’s ‘wacky egg’. Quoting Lorna: “With space stations he said, lol! He went nuts with beads. And is now in a good mood. Art helps us. Especially focused art like this. Like stitching for us.”

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