Relax Wrinkles (in your vinyl)

I have told people to use a blow dryer to release creases in their clear vinyl—I finally made a video showing how it works!

I showed this in class and one student says that she soaks her vinyl in her tub in very hot water, then hangs it to dry. That works. You can also place it in the back seat of a hot car.

3 thoughts on “Relax Wrinkles (in your vinyl)

  1. What I do to relax vinyl is to use my iron to heat up my ironing board. Then I take the vinyl and put it on the warm ironing board and smooth the vinyl out. It works like a charm.


  2. Thank you for sharing and taking time to show it in a video. Also thank you to the other ladies for sharing their way of relaxing 😉 vinyl. They’re all hot 🙂


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