Wednesday Giveaway

Sandra Smith was chosen by the Random Number Generator as our Wednesday winner! She will receive the Sewline Aqua Eraser Pen, described below.

Designed to “erase” chalk or pencil marks from fabric, as well as small stains without making a big wet mess, you control how it works. Fill the reservoir with water and/or your trusted stain remover, use finger pressure to control the “wetness” of the nib and rub along the line or stain on your fabric. Check out the video and the before and after photos of my bedspread to see just how it works.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

91 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway

  1. Looks great. I was actually using the kiddie version that another teacher showed years ago. This looks easier to use than the other one, which is huge.


  2. I found mine in the marking tool box. Didn’t know I could put cleaners in it…Duh! Just a little slow here. Thank you for the tip. If I win I’ll gift it on to one of my quilting friends at Christmas. V


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