Wednesday Giveaway

Barb Walsh is this week’ winner—congrats to Barb!

She will receive a very cute (and functional!) pincushion made by Cohana. It goes nicely with the Knickknack bags and totes on my site by the same maker.

The wooden base of this pincushion, with its uniquely plump, round shape, is made from fragrant cypress from the Kii Mountains in southern Japan. The bottom is flat to keep the pincushion from rolling. You can run a cord through the leather loop and use it to attach it the pincushion to your bag.

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Wednesday Giveaway

Del is this week’s winner. She will receive a spool of Aurifil’s 80wt, 100% cotton thread in gray (#2615). This thread is very fine and it is strong. I use it for English paper piecing. You can also use it for hand applique if your stitches are not too long. Try it, you’ll love it!

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another Giveaway. Happy stitching!

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Wednesday Giveaway

Carol B is this week’s giveaway winner. She will receive a package of Thimble-It finger protectors. They are thin, vinyl pads that stick to the sore place on your fingertips for added protection. They also make it a little easier to grab the needle.

I’ll be back next Wednesday with another giveaway. Happy stitching!

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We spent two nights at the Moana Surfrider… the first hotel built in Waikiki. It was lovely and gracious, not inexpensive, but there you go. The saying goes that you get what you pay for and we did :-).

We have stopped for drinks at sunset at the Beach Bar in this hotel many times. It was so nice to be there as guests of the hotel! If you step out of the bar onto the beach and look left, you can see Diamond Head in the distance.

We were under umbrella #4 for most of Tuesday. Relaxing, except for when we swam or shifted our chairs to follow the shade.

The Royal Hawaiian (aka The Pink Hotel) is next door. That one is still on my bucket list.

Relaxing, when you aren’t used to it, takes getting used to. But it’s worth doing, even if you aren’t in Hawaii. We all carry a certain amount of stress and learning to let go of it is important for our mental and physical health. I can feel myself feeling better. This is a skill I am going to work on at home.

We moved on to Kauai on Wednesday. I’ll write about it in my next post. Aloha!

Wednesday Giveaway

Caroline Doyle is this week’s winner. She will receive a Sewline Marking Pencil loaded with white 9mm chalk. It is a nice pencil to use when you need a fine line that you can see. I like it especially for tracing around small templates and circles.

Thank you for reading my blog! Come back next week for another giveaway.

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Show and tell…

My friend, Susan Allen, is moving and cleaning out closets. She found this quilt and sent me the picture and the story. I love blasts from the past! Thank you, Susan, for sharing…

Audrey was in 1st grade (she turned 24 yesterday) and I would take her to school and then go home and appliqué for about an hour before going to work. That’s what I was doing when the planes hit the towers. This project kept my hands busy during that uncertain time.

It’s not quilted and it no longer fits my decor style, but I will probably keep it forever because of the history.

I thought I was being so avant garde using a black background! 😂😂😂🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

The quilt is our Block of the Month, Tulips in the Park. The digital patterns are still available. Click here to find them.