Wednesday Giveaway


Congrats to Nettie Crain, this week’s giveaway winner of a set of Karen K. Buckley’s perfect tools: Circles, Ovals, and Stems. The Circles and Ovals are templates made of templar that you can trace against or use with an iron. The Perfect Stems are used to make bias stems with tubes of bias fabric and an iron.

Show and tell…

Lois Hall sent me photos of her fantastic Briar Rose quilt. Lois, thank you for sharing your quilt with us!


Here’s what Lois said:

This is a quilt that has been a work in progress for several years. It is FINALLY finished!  I completed the last of the hand quilting last month so I could use it as a table topper when I was hostess for my book club meeting in May. There were several comments (and pats on the back) which pleased me to no end, but most assuredly part of the credit goes to you for your beautiful design. Pictures attached show off this treasured piece of work!

Click the photos to see them at a larger size.

Briar Rose is just one of the patterns in the Flowering Favorites ebook. Click here.

PS: Nothing against the members of my book club, but I’m not so sure that I would trust them not to spill on my quilt. Lois, you are a brave hostess :-).

Wednesday Giveaway

This week’s Giveaway winner is Kathleen Connolly who won a pair of Tula Pink’s Micro-Tip Scissors. They cut precisely all the way to the point and they have a lovely iridescent finish. If you didn’t win and still want a pair of these dandy scissors, click here.


Leave a comment to enter the drawing. If you can’t find the comment box, you might see a little icon that looks like a thought bubble at the upper right at the top of this post. Try clicking that to open the comment section.

I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winner Thursday, June 8, 2017.

Good luck!

Fabric love at first sight…


I love Alison Glass‘s fabric. That’s a fact.

You know that the fabrics in any collection, by any designer or from any company, are designed to work together. I have found that even though I may like a collection, there are only a few fabrics that I actually use. It is a rare thing to find a collection of prints where everything works together as well as these fabrics do. Why is that?

  • In addition to being just luscious, there is a nice mix of values.
  • These particular prints add texture without being distracting. That works really well in both piecing and appliqué.
  • There are both clear colors and gray colors. When used together, clear colors come forward, grayer colors recede. In a quilt, the combination of clear and gray colors adds dimension to the design.

This is what I have right now: a mix of Alison’s Chroma and Handcrafted Indigo collections as well as a text print. It’s a great start but I know I’m going to be adding more AG fabric to this mix because more is obviously better in this case :-).


If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m working on a foundation paper pieced quilt. The first quilt top is sewn and I’m now making variations of the pattern in AG fabric. I don’t want to ruin future surprises but this gives you an idea of how these prints work together in a pieced block.


One last thing: When I was in St. Louis last week I picked up some give-away scraps of vintage fabric from the guild table. Too many quilters are nervous about mixing vintage-style prints with modern prints. Don’t be! This is a happy stack of fabric that would make a great quilt.


I don’t often go on and on about fabric on my blog, but these prints are special. You should consider adding them to your stash.

Happy fabric shopping (is there any other kind?).


What do you want from a kit?

The Magical Unicorn pattern is scheduled for release in August – yay!!! I’ve already had requests for kits and I’m working on it but I need to know what sort of kit you would like.


There are two block sizes in the pattern (35″ x 35″ and 50″ x 50″). This quilt has the 35″ x 35″ block and 5″ wide borders making the finished quilt 45″ x 45″. The block is constructed on a white base layer that can be cut away after the shapes are sewn down. I machine appliquéd my quilt but you could hand appliqué if you prefer.

If I was buying a kit for this quilt, I would want larger pieces of fabric to work from. There would be fat quarters plus other pieces both bigger and smaller. These cuts would be big enough to allow for shrinkage for those (like me) who always prewash. There would be leftover fabric because of the scrappy nature of this quilt.

The unicorn and flower appliqué shapes could come as fabric pieces OR they could be laser-cut and ready to fuse. The downside to fusing is that the base layer cannot be cut away and the quilt will be a bit heavier.

So my question to you is, what kind of Magical Unicorn kit would you buy? I thank you in advance for letting me know your thoughts.