Show and tell…

I’m still on vacation with Elanor in Portland, but I want to share this from Susan Sharp…

In her email, she says ‘I used your pattern to make tree skirts for gifts this Christmas.  They are beautiful.’

I agree with Susan, this is a beautiful tree skirt! And she made more than one!

It’s almost sad to cover it up with presents!

Thank you, Susan, for sharing these with us 🙂

Show and tell…

Emily Krysanick emailed this photo of her finished Sampling of Santas. Isn’t it wonderful!!!

She wrote that it took just a little over a year to complete. It is all hand appliqued and hand quilted, with a tad of embroidery and trapunto. She made an amazing quilt! Thank you, Emily, for sharing it with us.

This pattern is in our ebook, A Slice of Christmas. In it you will find other classic Christmas patterns. Now is the time to get started on your next Christmas quilt masterpiece!

Wednesday Giveaway

Could you use a point guard for your Blackwing pencil, or for your white chalk pencil? If so, this Wednesday Giveaway is for you! And, to celebrate the season, I’m including a holiday scissor charm with the point guard. Ho, ho, ho!

Leave a comment/reply on this blog post to enter the drawing. A winner will be chosen by the random number generator tomorrow.

You are here….

I love this spot that’s is painted on the sidewalk in front of the shop, Tessuti Zoo, in Pacific Grove, CA.

The last time I posted this, one of you said that it could be painted on a round paver. I didn’t forget and this weekend I got the paver.

I painted it with exterior paint and used the Essential Circle tool to draw rings on the painted paver.

I pencilled in the letters and painted them in with small brushes. Pavers are not smooth which made it harder but not impossible.

I should have painted the light blue behind the letters first but I had thought I would leave it white. There was touching up of the dark blue later.

Isn’t this fun! Now it’s your turn :-).

Wednesday Giveaway

Wonder Clips are wonderfully handy! I use them for all sorts of clipping jobs. They are designed to hold binding in place for hand or machine sewing and I love them for that job. I also use them when I am English paper piecing. Sometimes I use them like a paper clip.

This week’s giveaway is a pack of 10 rainbow-colored Wonder Clips. And, because Christmas is coming, I’m adding a holiday scissor charm!

Leave a comment/reply on this blog post to enter the drawing. A winner will be chosen by the random number generator tomorrow.


You can find these and other handy sewing notions at

Make it be gray…

My phone just notified me that my screen time last week was down 28%. I only looked at my phone for an average of 1 hour and 3 minutes a day. That makes my head hurt! What exactly was I looking at?! Even weather kitty is not worthy of that much time.

Today’s Doonesbury hit home for me. It’s a reminder that taking the color out of your phone screen makes it much less attractive/addictive. I’ve done it before and I’m doing it again.

On an iPhone with a home button, click it quickly 3 times and the color goes away. On an iPhone X, click the side button 3 times quickly. Repeat to go back to a color screen. (If you have a different kind of phone, do a quick google search to find how to make it be gray.)

Even if the screen is gray, the photos and screenshots you take will be in color.


Thanksgiving is upon us and I plan to be present in the world, looking up at real people, rather than down into my phone. The boring gray screen will be a visual reminder to do just that.

That said, I will post color photos this week. When you do look at your screens, I hope you enjoy them!