Fun family projects…

We had a torrential rain last week that caused a room to flood at Chris and Lorna’s. The water poured onto a small deck and into Judy’s apartment and it had to be fixed. I love this sort of DIY project and, happily, I got to help Chris with it! (Steve is recovering from minor abdominal surgery so was not allowed to help this time.)

The physical labor was just hard enough to get our attention but not so hard as to make us give up. My favorite part was thinking about how to get a lot of water to flow quickly away from the house. It took two of us to sort it out and it meant altering the deck and installing a new French drain. Fingers and toes are crossed that it works :-).

Now I’ll go back to the digging up of the Bermuda and nut grass in Chris and Lorna’s side yard. There’s about a 6′ x 6′ section left and I hope I can finish in 2-3 weeks. I don’t have much to do in my own yard and I am in the mood for outdoor work—and it’s good to be busy :-).

9 thoughts on “Fun family projects…

  1. Doesn’t it feel good to get a project like that done? Know Chris appreciated your help. Not sure what nut grass is. My neighbor talks about it, but can’t seem to describe it. I don’t think we have any in our yard.


    • Me, too! I just finished my spring weeding and planting. Those deep underground roots are sometimes a foot deep! I wonder what the neighborhood association would say if I just covered my yard with quilts?


  2. Oh, I get all that your wrote. I put in field stone with our daughter one summer. It was a week long project. With a lot of sitting on the deck contemplating what stone to put where. About the grass you are pulling up. We had Creeping Charlie. Cute little round leaves and purple flowers. I sat on the ground pulling out the runners and listening to baseball. Two years of baseball. No more CC in my yard. Something satisfying about that. Good luck. 👍


  3. The nut grass grows in overly wet soil. Also it will leave if you use some molasses on it. See Look at upper left for Library topics which are alphabetical.


  4. Bermuda grass encroaches our yard from the nearby golf course. It does take being patient and working diligently to rid a yard off unwanted growth like that. Best to do it while it’s cool weather!!


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