Wednesday Giveaway!

Cathy Cavagnaro has won our special giveaway this week – The Lap App Storage Box (a wooden box sized to fit on the lap app.) The box comes with putty mounting squares to attach it to the lower level of your lap app and will hold the usual sewing tools. To be clear: the giveaway is for the box only—not the lap app.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

130 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. Winning this would be just the reason I have been looking for to purchase the lap app I have been wanting. Thanks so much for all you do.


  2. Wow, winning that would kick me off square one and get me to commit to getting a lap app! That looks like a really useful and clever addition to it.


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