Wednesday Giveaway Winner Is Valerie Leclerc!

This week’s winner can “Take A Trip Around the World” with Postcard Project #1! She will get the easy-to-use hand-piecing template along with instructions to set the squares together. The project is fun, fast, and can be stopped at any size.

This is one of nine Jen Kingwell Postcard Projects available at our store. You can click on any of the projects to find a video demonstration of how to use the template and a video of the hand-piecing stitch for right handers.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

89 thoughts on “Wednesday Giveaway Winner Is Valerie Leclerc!

  1. Oh, my first quilt was a Trip – around the world, using a shoebox full of many years of Mom’s dress scraps, religiously cut into 2″ squares by me and my sister after each sewn garmet. Using Cereal box cardboard templates, drawn around and scissor cut! I was 16, and the pattern was showcased on McCall’s Needlework and Crafts magazine’s cover. Mom’s wedding gift from her MIL was a quilt of that design, which was growing frail from use. By then, My mom’s interest in sewing has wained. I think she was grateful that I took a longtime “to-do” off her list! Mother of 3 by then, I was the oldest. I finished the quilt, batted with Moutain Mist cotton (all they had back then!) and backed it with a sheet, and “quilted” it along the seams (sort of) with her (by then) 10 year old Touch N Sew 776! Maybe it’s timem for me to make another one? At only 67, I have a lot more quilts to make! And, yes, I still have BOTH those quilts! – Karen Alexander, Austin Tx

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    • That is an excellent story! My first quilts were 2 twin-size drunkards paths made from clothing scraps and cereal box templates. Very poorly hand quilted with a percale sheet backing. They are long gone 🤣 — I’m happy you still have yours. I, too, am 67, with many years of quilting in front of me. Yes, you do need to take another trip around the world!


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