Eunice wins the Wednesday Giveaway!

Everybody loves a great tool and we have one for this week’s winner – Dritz Seam Fix Tool! It’s equipped with both a seam ripper and a stiletto. Use the ridged silicone end for grabbing and brushing away snipped threads. The stiletto is handy for moving fabric under the presser foot as you sew and/or for poking holes as needed.

This is one of several great tools on the Tools & Seam Rippers page in our store.

I’ll be back with another Giveaway next Wednesday. Until then you can shop for all sorts of sewing notions, books, and other fun stuff at!

164 thoughts on “Eunice wins the Wednesday Giveaway!

  1. I have never used a stiletto…I have just read that seam rippers get dull. I certainly have used Mr. Jack often enough that I am sure he is very dull. This tool looks very useful.


  2. My orange cat is a biter, too! I have tried to measure him for a harness, and get fended off with teeth and claws, even when he’s purring and snuggling in my lap. Guess I’ll need to enlist my daughter, next time she visits, to measure while I hold his feet. Thanks for the giveaway.


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