Empty Spools

I’m teaching at the Empty Spools seminar March 16-21. What a great place to go—both for teachers and students! I get to be both this year. I’m staying on for another week to take a 5-day class from Ruth McDowell after I teach for a week. I’m very excited!

Empty Spools is held at an historic conference center called Asilomar in Pacific Grove, CA, on the Monterey peninsula. Carmel is just minutes away. I’m from the land-locked prairie so I particularly enjoy any time spent at Asilomar.
If you’ve never heard of Empty Spools, I encourage you to check it out. Students take one 5-day class from one teacher. It’s amazing what you can learn under these conditions. And the site is spectacular! It may be cold and rainy (I hope not but it is March after all) but I know it will be invigorating.

1 thought on “Empty Spools

  1. i love reading your blogs. it’s like sharing a cup of coffee at the kitchen table. thank you linda for always being so prompt on sending me my orders!!! i just received the side winder and can’t wait to use it! i am really enjoying y’alls book on piecing. empty spools sounds great perhaps one day……i enjoyed the cup of coffee 🙂enjoy your week!!!!!love,carlanorthwest minnesota


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